Traditional Deviled Eggs

These are a staple to your deviled eggs recipe collection.


6 hard-boiled Eggs

¼ cup Mayo

1 tsp Mustard - regular or Dijon

¼ tsp Pepper

1 tsp Hot Sauce (optional)

Salt to taste

Paprika for garnish


Slice the eggs in half and carefully remove the yolks to a bowl. Mash the yolks.

Add the remaining ingredients and mix until smooth.

Spoon the filling back into the egg whites.

Garnish with paprika


  • I steam my hard-boiled eggs and they come out perfect every time. I use a steamer basket, and can steam up to 12 eggs at a time!

  • You can adjust the seasoning to meet your needs, but I’ve noticed that the flavors become stronger with time.


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