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Grilled Cod

This perfectly simple way to cook flaky cod can be easily done for any weeknight meal because it is cooked in under 30 minutes. That gives you time to toss a salad or make my grilled vegetable salad.


1/2 pound Cod Loin per person. If you choose Cod Fillets, the cooking time may vary because of the different thicknesses of the cod fillet.

Old Bay Seasoning

Thinly sliced lemons

1 tsp Lemon Juice


Using extra strength aluminum foil, rip off a sheet double the size of the fish. You can make individual packets or multi-person packets. I limit my packets to a two-person portion to keep the cooking time down.

Place the fish skin side down in the lower half of the foil.

Sprinkle both sides with Old Bay. Note there is salt in the Old Bay so do not salt the fish before cooking. If you or your guests want more salt they can add it once it is cooked and served. Personally, I find the Old Bay is enough.

Top the fish with very thinly sliced lemons and squeeze about 1 tsp of lemon juice over the fish.

Fold the foil over the fish. Fold over the ends back toward the fish a couple of times to seal the packet. Do the same with the sides. With a sharp knife, make three slits in the stop.

Place on a medium pre-heated grill and cook for about 15-20 minutes.


The fish will create a lot of juice, so once it is cooked, be careful removing it from the grill, and opening the packets.

If you need to wait to serve the fish because another dish is finishing up, keep the packets sealed until ready to serve. This will keep the fish warm. I've also left them on the grill either on a non-hot side or have even turned off the grill and left them in there until I was ready.

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Jen Vondenbrink
Jen Vondenbrink
29 ago 2023

Simple dish and it can be done in the oven too.

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