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Chocolate Chip Shortbread


These delicious buttery shortbread cookies marry perfectly with the mini chocolate chips creating a crumbly chocolate chip cookie that everyone will love. Serve them on their own or with ice cream. Yum.

You can change things up by adding finely chopped pecans or walnuts, or even toffee chips. I like to experiment with my mix-ins and haven't found anything that has not worked with the basic dough. The key is keeping whatever you mix in finely chopped or the dough falls apart.

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About Me

Hi!  I'm Jen

Cooking is a passion passed down from both of my grandmothers to my mother and then to my sister and me.  

Throughout my career, I was always drawn back to food.  I've learned from experienced chefs, apprenticed with professional bakers, and tasted coffee with international experts.

Today I'm sharing those experiences with you.

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