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Hydrangeas in July | Cape Cod

Hydrangea | Cape Cod | Appetite for Life

Besides the beaches and quaint towns, I love two things about Cape Cod - the daffodils in Spring (they are everywhere!) and the Hydrangeas in July.

I love how so many houses, mine included, have these lovely bushes that burst into blue blooms year after year. They do so well on Cape Cod and the Islands of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket because we definitely have damp and humid summers (Hydrangeas love lots of water), and there is a cooler breeze which they also favor.

Hydrangea | Cape Cod | Appetite for Life

The blue or pink color that you see most often on Cape Cod comes from the different acidity levels in the soil. There are white hydrangeas too, but these will not change color no matter what the soil ph.

This large head type is native to North America, specifically the Northeast, but most other varieties are found in Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, and some in South America.

Each year in early July, there is the Hydrangea Festival, where people open their gardens to visitors to view these wonderful flowers. There are also special tours, talks, and gardening classes, all having to do with Hydrangeas.

I love visiting the Heritage Museum in Sandwich during this time because although originally created to feature Rhododendrons, which are beautiful, they expanded their Hydrangea gardens and now are a test garden for new varieties.

Hydrangea | Cape Cod | Appetite for Life

So if you are on Cape Cod during the Spring look, for the daffodils, but if you are here in the summer, make sure to stop and enjoy these lovely, wonderful blooms. The pictures here are what I see out of my kitchen window. 💙

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