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Eating Seasonal - July

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Eating Seasonal July

As we head into July, the gardens start to come alive with fabulous fresh produce. All the hard work put in during the Spring starts to show results.


Eating Seasonal July | Berries | Appetite for Life

July is actually National Blueberry Month, so that should tell you something. It is the time to really indulge in this beautiful berry. Raspberries also start to ripen during this time.

Later in the month and into August, wild blueberries come into season in Maine. These are my absolute favorites. I had them for the first time when I was a kid at a friend's house in Maine, where we could go out and pick them. Yum. Meals were filled with blueberry muffins, blueberry pancakes, and blueberry jam. Here are a few of my recipes.

Summer Squash

Eating Seasonal July | Summer Squash | Appetite for Life

As July progresses, so do summer squash and zucchini. What I like about July is that you aren't tired of these wonderful vegetables yet. Instead, you head to the garden each day to check how they are doing, and when one is grown to the right size, you gently pluck it and savor it that evening for a wonderful dinner.


Eating Seasonal July | Basil | Appetite for Life

The warmer days mean fast-growing basil. What was a small group of plants one week can be a lush collection of plants only a few weeks later.

I feel like basil is the ultimate taste of summer. It is perfect in sauces or fresh in salads. The tender leaves this time of year are perfect to be paired with tomatoes and mozzarella in a Caprese salad. Here are a few recipes to use this fresh herb.

Green Beans

Eating Seasonal July | Green Beans | Appetite for Life

One of my favorite summer veggies is green beans. I love to grow them and eat them.

Through the month of July is the perfect time to enjoy these fantastic vegetables. Whether you cook them or have them raw, they are delicious. This is also the month to pick them while they are a bit young so they are tender.

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