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Sour Cream Coffee Cake


Everyone should have a go-to recipe for a coffee cake, and this is mine. As you will see below in the notes, I use this as my base and then add other delicious things depending on my mood, like apples, raspberries, or chocolate chips. Yum!

Ina Garten's recipe inspired this recipe. In her recipe, she uses cake flour, which can yield a wonderful cake, but I find all-purpose, or my new favorite flour to bake with spelt flour, can work just as well.

If you haven't baked with spelt flour, I encourage you to try it. It is more nutritious than white flour because it has all but the tough outer hull of the grain but retains the rest, whereas white flour removes all but the very inner part of the grain. Plus, spelt has a slightly nuttier taste that I like. One thing to note, it is a bit more challenging when making bread because it has a different type of gluten, so you may want to experiment with different combinations of flour. Read more about baking with spelt here.


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Jen Vondenbrink
Jen Vondenbrink
28 août 2023

A favorite Sunday treat

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Hi!  I'm Jen

Cooking is a passion passed down from both of my grandmothers to my mother and then to my sister and me.  

Throughout my career, I was always drawn back to food.  I've learned from experienced chefs, apprenticed with professional bakers, and tasted coffee with international experts.

Today I'm sharing those experiences with you.

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