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Cozy Soup Cookbook

Cozy Soup Cookbook

My Cozy Soup Cookbook is the ultimate guide for all soup lovers looking for comforting and delicious recipes.


With a variety of soups to choose from, including Creamy Tomato Basil and Swedish Meatball Soup, this cookbook is sure to satisfy all taste buds. Each recipe is carefully crafted to provide warmth and comfort on a cold day. This cookbook is perfect for anyone looking to add some cozy and delicious soup recipes to their collection.


Get ready to cuddle up with a bowl of soup and enjoy. 

  • Your Chance to Make a Difference

    A donation is made with every purchase of the Fun Summer Recipes Cookbook to Feeding America who's mission it is to end hunger and food insecurity in the United States.  Each $1.00 donation provides 10 meals to local communities

    Through local food pantries, senior food programs, school pantry programs, and more, they are able to touch all communities and provide healthy food to those in need.

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